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Colic Treatment in South Austin

infant holding moms fingerColic can be deeply distressing for both infants and parents. Characterized by prolonged periods of inconsolable crying, colic is not a reflection of hunger, discomfort from a dirty diaper, or the need for warmth—it indicates that your baby’s system is stuck in a stressed state.

Neurological Stress in Infants

Our approach to colic centers on the belief that a stressed baby often has a stressed nervous system. This can manifest as what chiropractors refer to as “sympathetic dominance,” where the baby remains in a constant state of fight-or-flight. This state can lead to dysautonomia, a condition where the autonomous nervous system is out of balance.

This imbalance can often be due to a subluxation, particularly at the top of the neck or where the vagus nerve is innervated. This misalignment can disrupt the communication pathways within the body, leading to colic symptoms.

Our Approach to Alleviating Colic

At River City Wellness, we provide hope and relief through personalized assessments and treatments. We use objective neurological testing to determine if your child’s nervous system is under strain and if there is a structural or neurological cause we can address. Our targeted adjustments are gentle and specific, designed to help your baby transition out of sympathetic dominance and restore balance to their nervous system.

Parents often report significant improvements, such as their babies are sleeping better, showing more calmness, and being more content overall. Beyond subjective feedback, we conduct follow-up tests after initial adjustments to ensure we are on the right path to support your child’s health.

The Bigger Picture: Neurodevelopmental Disorders

We recognize that neurological stress in infancy, like colic, can share common threads with other neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD in school-aged children. Both indicate a nervous system that is “stuck” in a stress response. Addressing these issues early can help pave the way for a healthier, happier developmental journey.

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